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We Provide Professional Supervised Visitation and Monitored Exchange Services

What are supervised visits and How do they work

     The purpose of supervised visitation is to protect the child or children involved.  There is a non-biased, professional monitor within earshot,  recording all that is said and done within the supervised visit. Monitors may intervene and even terminate visits if necessary. Supervised visits are different for everyone. Some parents and children describe supervised visitation as an uncomfortable experience. They feel like they are under a microscope because of a monitor's presence. Others say they don't even notice the monitor's presence because they are so happy to spend time with their loved ones.


Grounds for Supervised Visitation

The purpose of supervised visitation is to protect the child or children involved. There may be a case where one parent may believe that the other parent presents a risk of some sort of abuse or harm to a child/ren. If there are children in a custody dispute requiring a supervised visitation order, the order will generally apply to all minor children. 

A court, lawyer, or agency will order supervised visitation if it believes a parent is unable to safely spend time alone with a child, and supervised visitation is necessary to protect the child/ren.  It will not be granted in cases where the parents merely disagree on details regarding how a child should be raised. Examples of situations in which a court may order supervised visitation are cases where a parent has struggled with addiction or domestic violence issues or is unable to provide a safe living environment for the child.

Terms of Supervised Visitation

A supervisor from a private or court-affiliated agency may fulfill the supervising role, especially in cases of abuse or domestic violence, in which expertise can be beneficial.

Orders granting supervised visitation vary depending on what the court finds appropriate. They can be very restrictive and state that a parent can only spend time with a child at a specified location in the presence of a specific court appointed supervisor. An order may also be more lenient, and allow the parent to have visitation with the child in his in her home, with an approved person supervising the visitation.  Other examples may entail the court  simply order that an approved individual must supervise the parent’s visit with the child. Sometimes a court will set forth an order stating that the parent with primary custody of the child has the discretion to choose when and where any supervised visit will occur.

Intake Procedure:  Download and Complete Intake forms and Call for Appointment and make payment.

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*Unless specific fee arrangements are noted in the court order, each party will be responsible for their intake fee. The visiting parent will be responsible for the cost of all visits if not referred from the courts or DCFS

Intake Fee

 -$70.00 per person

       payable before or at the time of the intake meeting.


          Supervised Visitation (*Weekdays):

            -$60.00 per hour* 

           -minimum 2 hours

-$40 Transportation Fee for child/ren within Carson City limits only

Supervised Visitation (*Weekends and Holidays)

-$75.00 per hour

-minimum 2 hours


* Visitation hourly rates may vary depending upon the circumstances of the case, number of children, location of visit etc.



Supervised Exchange:

-$100.00 per exchange


Court Testimony:

-$100.00 per hour

-minimum 2 hours



* Professional  Notarial Service Also Available:




Referrals may be made by a court, a child protective service agency, an agency that has taken custody of the child such as a group or foster home, or other sources such as mental health professionals, attorneys, or from the parents themselves. 


Both the custodial and non-custodial parent are requested to complete a 

 intake appointment. Failure to complete intake appointment will not supersede any Court Ordered access/visitation.   During the intake meeting, Ebb and Flow's policies and rules for supervised visitation and/or supervised exchange will be thoroughly explained to each parent.  A copy of the Court Order/Consent Order and/or Parenting Agreement shall be provided to Ebb and Flow.


Basic Rules for Supervised Visitations:


-The supervisor shall be present at all times during the visit

-All contact between the child(ren) and non-custodial parent shall take place within the supervisor's sight and hearing at all times

-There shall be no derogatory comments made about the other parent, the parent's family, caretaker, child(ren) or siblings

-There shall be no discussion of the court case and/or possible future outcomes during the visitation

-There shall be no gathering of information about the parent, his or her family or extended family

 -There is no spanking, hitting or threatening the child(ren), and no emotional, verbal, physical or sexual abuse

-No visits shall take place while the visiting parent appears to be under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs including prescription medications

-No violation of any additional rules set forth by the provider, Ebb and Flow Institute, PLLC


Supervised Visitation Services are not:

-Legal Advice

-Counseling Sessions

-Venting Sessions


-Remedial Parent Education

-Custodial Evaluation


Parents or caretakers being supervised understand that:

-No confidential privilege exists (We are Mandated Reporters)

-Any suspected abuse shall be reported to the appropriate agency as provided by law

-If a supervisor determines that the rules of a visit have been violated and/or the child(ren) have become acutely distressed and/or the safety of the child(ren) is at risk, the supervisor has the authority to temporarily interrupt, to reschedule or to terminate the visit.

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