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In the Flow Center

Inner Core Life Coach

Serving Like-minded Individuals and Enriching Lives

With our LifeCoach, you'll gain access to powerful and transformative coaching services. Our experienced professionals offer personalized, confidential care to individuals or groups. With phone, in-person, and e-counseling options, we make it easy to get the support you need, when you need it.


You can get unstuck

Most of us have a big vision for our lives. We want to be happy,  fulfilled, and well balanced; living a life that is true to ourselves and our values. Sometimes we get stuck,  or we may face obstacles which has held us back for many years. We may want to face our fears and challenges, or get unstuck from unhealthy patterns and habits.

Turn your dreams into reality

When you prioritize Your Life and dreams, you bring your best self to all your relationships and endeavors, making life better for everyone. Just as athletes, professionals, and businesses hire coaches to improve their performance, you can hire a life coach to help you change your life.  Let me show you how.


Confidential Private

Coaching Sessions (30 Min )


E-Coach, In Person or Phone


Group Life Coaching Sessions(3-5 in a group)

Psychology Appointment


Diversity and Inclusion


Certified Professionals


Let’s Work Together

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