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Future Vision of Ebb and Flow

Entrpreneurial and Leadership Institute, PLLC

 The structure and expectations of the current traditional education system make it nearly impossible for teachers to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to be prepared for and continue to adapt to new ideas for new business opportunities. However, across the country, teachers, schools, and districts the are aware of the need for change and therefore are constantly restructuring and hoping for different outcomes. Ebb and Flow Education Experience will be renamed, Ebb and Flow Entrepreneurial and Leadership Institute, PLLC (EAFEALI).  EAFEALI will rise to meet the demands as we recognize that this is unacceptable that this instability continues as a reality and we have initiated fundamental shifts in our practice by personalizing instruction for each student depending on their chosen career path. Personalized learning requires a different learning design than what exists in most traditional classrooms.

There are significant challenges we will face as we address the issues of :


*   Lack of Motivation, Drive, Tenacity

*   Self-Efficacy

*   The Yerkes–Dodson law suggests that elevated arousal levels can improve performance only up to a certain  point. 

*   Rapidly changing technology and the global environment;

The labor market's growing demand for worker flexibility and new job-specific skills; and

*   The competition from new providers of postsecondary education.


As a result, Ebb and Flow Entrepreneurial and Leadership Institute and the state, must be architects of change to deal with these new realities, and change often requires bold steps.


Ebb and Flow Entrepreneurial and Leadership Institute Ltd Program Goals:

* To meet the ever-evolving need of the community and business by implementing unduplicated Flow-based educational, entrepreneurial and Leadership programs available to all learners of the community.

* Continual collaboration with elementary and secondary education, business and industry, and other public and private entities to meet the educational needs of society efficiently. 

* To develop new Individualized curriculum structures for workforce education using business options for all learners

* To place teaching and Individualized learning at the core of its mission, preparing individuals for fulfilling lives, rewarding careers, and lifelong learning.


Elementary, Middle, and High School Programs

     One of the goals of the center is to “promote high scholastic performance using a career/business focus.” It is the responsibility of all of our leaders to promote careers in their lesson plans to show students how their class work and grit relates to the world of business and self-discipline.

     Career Development begins in elementary school with career awareness.  In middle school, students are beginning to explore business options by exploring a variety of business classes, and beginning research development, while participating with hand on experience in our own, Ebb and Flow Restaurant. 

   Our high school program includes activities that explore why people work, identify the preparation necessary to develop and run a business, identify personal strengths and interests, continue and completed portfolio development, mentoring, and an internship running and managing our own Ebb and Flow Restaurant.  

 The seed that was planted in the elementary grade can and will begin to grow and mature in the middle school before it blossoms in high school.   


High School Support Component

     Ebb and Flow Entrepreneurial and Leadership Institute's High School Support Component is similar to the Career Based Intervention Programs of Perrysburg, OH which holds true that "All students have the ability to learn, to establish a [business] plan and to carry out their goals to gain success in their lives."  Like their program, we are designed to assist students who possess barriers to their academic, personal, and business success.

     We embrace the views of Amitai Etzioni (1994).  His research on, "Self-Discipline, Schools, and the Business Community", pointed out that:

    Self-discipline plays an important role in promoting equality of opportunity.  His data indicates that students attending schools with structures and disciplinary procedures conducive to the development of self-discipline achieve at a higher level than students in schools where self-discipline is less emphasized.  The data showed this occurrence regardless of students' economic, social or cultural backgrounds.  An environment, which encourages self-discipline, may provide students with a powerful tool for overcoming any economic or social disadvantages. (Etzioni, 13)

      Etzioni's research on the controversial subject of Private and Catholic Schools achieving at a higher level than students in public schools on achievement test suggests a lack of intellectual self-discipline and the ability to compel task-relevant behavior.



    Additional features include:

Our High School Support Program is an after-school support program which is geared to help to improve the opportunities for student learning by 3% by providing an increased level of student - leader engagement time. Our leaders will also provide advisory services to students to review Individualized Learning Plans (ILP) at least once a week to monitor student achievement or intervene when there are concerns.  Students will enter an agreement of excellence with parent school.  Our students will be provided with a technology-based, entrepreneurial/business-focused program, which is designed for high academic support and high school graduation.  Our ninth grade students will be required to take training on leadership/portfolio development with a hands-on internship in our own Ebb and Flow Restaurant.

       Tenth-grade students will begin classes in Entrepreneurship and continued portfolio development with the hands-on internship in our own Ebb and Flow Restaurant.  Eleventh-grade students will begin internship assignments with a hands-on internship in our own Ebb and Flow Restaurant., and we will enlist mentor involvement with our graduate students.

  Our High School Support Program will also help prepare 100% of its students for high school graduation and post-secondary options by having our counselors work closely with each student.  Leaders will be conducting on-going, formative evaluations that will provide information for teachers, students, and parents.  These evaluations will take several forms and will provide the basic support for the student's attainment of levels on there.  The evaluations will also supply key information necessary for revising goals and objectives, and competencies to satisfy state mandates. Leaders of Global Careers Teaching and Learning Technology Center may perform assessments daily and/or scheduled formal assessments.


     For the purpose of measuring the students’ learning performance for the objectives taught. These assessments may take the form of:

* Leader designed tests/quizzes

* Program assignments

* Leader observations

* Review of projects such as research, notebooks, journals, and portfolios.

* Participation in group activities.

* Student on-the-job work performance, and internship evaluations.

* Peer evaluations

* Short answer essay and extended response essays.

* Rubrics may also be used to describe different levels of student performance. Teachers will use rubrics when scoring short-answer and extended-response content assessments. Students will also use these rubrics when self-assessing assignments.


    Our High School Support Program will provide 100% of its students with opportunity and skills necessary to prepare them for positions of leadership in his/her community by offering support workshop courses such as:

Leadership Development

Defining Leadership


Group processes


Assessing yourself


Training for Leadership

Influence and encouragement from others

Great Leadership


Leadership versus management


Goal Setting and Career Choices

Career exploration

Career pathways career planning

Life long learning skills

Study skills

Personal development

Life management



Planning, goal setting

Making decisions

Management process

Problem solving

Education and training decisions

Ensuring Success in the Workplace

Interviewing skills

Job-keeping skills

Work ethic, life skills

Basic communication

Strengthening interpersonal skills

Solving problems

Workplace communications


Hard work, respect

Balancing work and family

Conflict resolution

Stress management


     Upon graduation from our High School Support Program, students will have a produced a research-based business portfolio. They will be connected with a business professional as a mentor in the field of the youth's chosen discipline. They will have acquired the skills necessary to find answers to the questions necessary for goal completion. They will be able to evaluate the progress of goals and will have improved in self-discipline necessary to meet goals as evaluated with a point system. Students will have gained knowledge about starting a business from the ground up and will be prepared for post-secondary options.


The Offering

$302/share│When you invest you are betting the company’s future value will exceed $100.6M.




$1,000 — If you invest $1,000, you will receive an Ebb and Flow Pen and invite to our groundbreaking

$10,000 — If you invest $10,000, you will receive Ebb and Flow T-Shirt and invite to our groundbreaking.

$100,000 — If you invest $100,000, you will receive one free year paid tuition, T-Shirt, and invite to groundbreaking.

*All perks occur after the offering is completed.


The mission of Ebb and Flow Entrepreneurial and Leadership Institute is to equip youth and adults with the necessary skills to transform lives from the inside out through business and leadership centered education. 


     The Vision  of Ebb and Flow Entrepreneurial and Leadership Institute Ltd is to develop a comprehensive program that helps to improve student learning by providing them with a technology driven, community based support program.  We plan to accomplish our goal

of community economic and social development through

one to one tutoring, mentoring, job placement, and community engagement necessary to help them overcome barriers to career and academic success.



The Ebb and Flow Restaurant 



Introducing Ebb and Flow's own restaurant for one.  Ebb and Flow restaurant will feature Mediterranean-style food, VIP service, and a guarantee that you'll get the best seat in the house.


 The Ebb and Flow Restaurant's special feature is just one dining table per diner.  


America has become a stress-filled, fast-paced, interconnected, multi-tasking, deadline meeting, society.


According to a recent analysis by Open Table (a four and a half star restaurant in Canada), "single table reservations have gone up 62 percent in the last two years."

Single diners may retreat to Ebb and Flow Restaurant to concentrate on what you’re consuming, to be able to relax in a take in your eating environment, is one of the cornerstones of self-sufficiency. 


When dining out alone, after all, you're able to be fully present and completely in the moment in a way you never can be when surrounded by people. (As long as you put away your gadgets, that is.) There's no conversation demanding your attention and distracting you from all the sensory experiences of the meal.

1. You’ll get to experience some solitude.

Alone doesn’t mean lonely, and going solo has some major benefits. Spending time with number one (that’s you, friend) can boost your creativity and make you like yourself more. Plus, a table for one means you don’t have to fake-offer the last fry to anyone. It’s all yours.

2. No small talk necessary. 

We are a multi-tasking race, to a fault. Much research confers that multi-tasking isn’t possible, that when we try to do two things at once we’re actually just slowing down the process of completing either of the two tasks. Eating alone allows you to focus on the deliciousness of your meal and savor it — no need to prevent awkward silences in between messy, mindless bites of kale salad.

4. You can turn that savoring into a meditation. 


The exception to the no multi-tasking rule above is meditating while dining out alone. Give yourself the gift of fully tasting the flavors you’re paying for. You can meditate with any kind of food (check out this coffee meditation for the play-by-play) by focusing on the taste of the dish, the sound of your chewing and the smell steaming off your plate. You’ll be better for it.

5. You’ll make healthier choices.

You won’t have to worry about being a Negative Nancy when someone suggests dessert and you’re either not hungry for it or don’t feel like paying for a spoonful of crème brûlée. Your dinner = your rules. Better yet, studies show that people mimic the eating patterns of their dining companions, meaning if they eat more (or less), so will you. Eating alone means eating at your own pace and claiming fullness when you feel it.


Projected completion date Fall 2025

How Our Products Are Different From the Rest


Ebb and Flow Entrepreneurial and Leadership Institute want its students to be fully empowered and to own the creative process. we create an environment conducive to engagement as we understand what it means for students to reach a state of creative internal flow. 

The History of the Theory Although the idea of Flow has existed for thousands of years, Flow Theory began in the 1970’s and 80’s when Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi became fascinated by artists who were so lost in their creative work that they would lose track of time and even ignore food, water, and sleep. Through his research, he noticed a similar experience with scientists, athletes, and authors. It was a state of hyper-focus and complete engagement that he described as “optimal experience.” 



 The Basics of the Theory

Researchers do not have one single working model for flow theory. However, the following are five factors identified by Csikszentmihalyi and Nakumara as vital for achieving a state of flow.

 #1: It needs to be a task that you find intrinsically rewarding

 #2: You need clear goals and a sense of progress

 #3: The task needs clear and immediate feedback

 #4: The challenge must match the perceived skills. This requires a sense of personal control or agency over the task. In 1987, Massimini, Csíkszentmihályi and Carli published the 8-channel model of flow shown here. Note that if a task is too easy, you might experience apathy or boredom but if a task seems too hard, you’ll be anxious.

 #5: Requires intense focus on the present moment #3: What Does This Look Like in School? Tap into intrinsic motivation Embrace student choice and agency. Provide the right scaffolding so that students can match the challenge level to their ability levels. Minimize distractions so that students can focus on their learning. Change the pacing so that you have fewer tasks and more time. Here, students can enter into a state of what Cal Newport calls “deep work.” Help students learn to monitor their own progress through metacognition. Teach them to set goals, analyze tasks, figure out what they need to do, make adjustments in the moment, and reflect on their progress in the end.


SOURCES: Patall, E. A., Cooper, H., & Robinson, J. C. (2008). The effects of choice on intrinsic motivation and related outcomes: A meta-analysis of research findings. Psychological Bulletin, 134(2), 270-300. Schlechty, P. C. (2001). Shaking up the schoolhouse. San Francisco, USA: Jossey-Bass Publishers. Schlechty, P. C. (2002). Working on the work an action plan for teachers, principals and superintendents (1st ed.). San Francisco, USA: Jossey Bass. Schlechty, P. (2011). Schlechty center on engagement. Retrieved from 15798


Unique Benefit

          Table for One



Cool Feature

          Nature Motif


Awesome Tech

          Entrepreneur and Business Education



Killer Feature?

          Tapping into the internal Flow of creativity

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