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1. In the beginning stages, (2005) our journey began as Southern Nevada Entrepreneurial and Leadership Academy (SNELA).    We had a start-up board comprised of teachers, professional chefs, entrepreneurs, and school administrators.  Our work was a labor of love as we worked throughout the summer months to finalize the application process.

2. In 2009, SNELA evolved as Kingdom Academy in Tonopah, NV., Kingdom Academy was a small private school for elementary students.  Our focus was on career education, leadership, and self -discipline.  Our building and equipment were provided completely from donated resources from the town and  neighboring community agencies.

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3. In 2014,  a free online e-tutoring program was created for the valley of Amargosa, NV.

4. In 2020 we launched as Ebb and Flow,Education Experience,  a career exploration and supplemental education web site.

5. And now I am proud to say, that all is not lost.  We are now launching the Ebb and Flow Entrepreneurial and Leadership Institute, PLLC. We have also lauched a non profit to serve the community at large called, In the Flow Worship Center.

Education Componant


For the 4 year Education component, we aim to have a strong beginning with 50 students beginning in the Fall 2024, while building momentum with 50 the year after for a total of 100 for the second and third year. We will continue and add 50 each year until we reach year four (4). We will then reevaluate and prepare to add 100 for the 5th year and perpetually every year after that. We will continue at this rate to maintain smaller class sizes. Growth, or the need for expansion, will be the determining factor to open another facility in another location.

 Ebb and Flow Entrepreneurial and Leadership Institute, PLLC  Goals:

* To meet the ever-evolving need of the community and business by implementing unduplicated Flow-based educational, entrepreneurial and leadership programs available to students of the community.

* Continual collaboration with elementary and secondary education, business and industry, and other public and private entities to meet the educational needs of society efficiently. 

* To develop new Individualized curriculum structures for workforce education using business options for all learners.

* To place teaching and Individualized learning at the core of its mission, preparing individuals for fulfilling lives, rewarding careers, and lifelong learning.

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