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Tracie'e DeMille


Why do we Exist?

 The structure and expectations of the current traditional education system make it nearly impossible for teachers to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to be prepared for and continue to adapt to new ideas for new business opportunities. However, across the country, teachers, schools, and districts realize the need for change and therefore are constantly restructuring and hoping for change. Ebb and Flow Education Experience (career exploration and supplimental education program) recognizes that this is an unacceptable and unstable practice that continues as a reality. We have initiated fundamental shifts in our practice by personalizing instruction for each student depending on their chosen career path. Personalized learning requires a different learning design than what exists in most traditional classrooms.

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Career Education


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Tracie'e DeMille


I am pleased to present to you the Ebb and Flow Entrepreneurial and Leadership Institute, PLLC

About Our Program

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Ebb and Flow Entrepreneurial and Leadership Institute, PLLC

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